Minnie Mouse Ear Hat with Heart Dot Bow - One Size

Minnie Mouse Ear Hat with Heart Dot Bow - One Size

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Product Details

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This lovely design features an embroidered Minnie Mouse patch on the front. A sparkly stuffed fabric bow with hearts and polka dots completes the look. One size fits most adults, and may be a little large on pre-teens. The hat includes an elastic chin strap.

We can personalize the back of this Ear Hat with a name or phrase of your choosing. We customize each Ear Hat on our own embroidery machines. We offer seven standard thread colors, five Basic fonts and four Premium fonts.

Thread Color

Red, Hot Pink, White, or Yellow Gold thread looks best on this Ear Hat. For extra fun, choose Glow-in-the-Dark thread and watch the embroidery light up! This special thread looks white under standard light, but glows green in the dark, or under black light.

Basic Fonts

With our Basic fonts, you can choose one or two lines of embroidery. While most people opt for just one line of embroidery - usually a name - you can make your hat even more personal by adding a second line of text. Some examples:

60th Birthday

Just Married
June 6, 2020

Baby Smith
Due 11/2018

UCLA 2019

My First
Disney Cruise

For best results with Basic fonts, we recommend that you limit personalization to 10 characters and spaces per line. Longer names or phrases can be embroidered, but the font gets increasingly small with each additional letter. 

When ordering two-line embroidery, please be very specific in your directions, and tell us what you want on each line.

Line 1: Elizabeth (Style Script, pink thread)
Line 2: Kappa Theta (Goudy Slim, white thread)

We will use the same font and thread color for both lines of text unless you request otherwise. Use the "Comments" box at checkout to provide any special requests.

Premium Fonts

The four Premium fonts, Walt-o-Graph, Theme Park, Wonderland and Nightmare, each come in two sizes. See the photos for a comparison of each size. 

There is a limit of 10 characters and spaces using these premium fonts, and only one line of text will fit on a hat. For names or 6 letters or less, we can use the small or large font. For names longer than 6 letters, we can only use the smaller font. 

We will use the font size that best fits your name, unless you specify otherwise. If your order includes a mix of long and short names, we will embroider all hats using the same size font unless you specify otherwise. 

If we have any concerns about the way your chosen font looks with your name, we will send you a digital proof to approve before we embroider the hat. 

Standards and Sizing

We reserve the right to reject orders that include slang terms, profanity or epithets. Basically, if you could not wear it inside a Disney theme park, we won't embroider it. 

This One Size hat fits most youth and adults. The hat includes an elastic chin strap. 

If you are ordering more that one personalized item, please be very specific in your instructions. Please leave any special instructions in the "comments" box at the time of checkout.