About Us

MouseShoppe - the premier Disney Shopping Service

Not every story begins with a mouse.... Ours began with a clown.

It all began in 1996 when my pal Chris, an entertainer in Northern California, purchased a pair of Mickey Mouse cufflinks during a trip to Disneyland. Once he got home, he promptly lost them. Chris really liked these cufflinks, so he called Disneyland to order another pair, but the Cast Member at the store told him that she could not take phone orders.

Knowing that I had just moved to Anaheim, Chris asked if I could get a pair and mail them to him. I did, but it didn't stop there. As more people learned that I was often at Disneyland, they started asking me to send them things. The idea for MouseShoppe was born after I received a request from a complete stranger in New Zealand. I knew there had to be an easier way for people to shop Disneyland, without going to Disneyland. So we founded MouseShoppe - the premier Disney Shopping Service.

What makes MouseShoppe different from the rest? Shopping isn't a hobby for us, it's our passion. We offer clear pricing, and no hidden costs - what you see is what you pay.

But, doesn't Disneyland already have a mail order department, you ask? Well, yes they do - sort of. But, if you don't already know exactly what you want, it's very difficult to order. There's no catalog, no list of products. If you want something engraved, embroidered or otherwise personalized, you can often forget it. And who wants to wait on hold for 45 minutes?

MouseShoppe makes it so much easier for you. Browse through our on line catalog. See photos of every item, and get detailed product descriptions. Need it personalized? No problem! We specialize in custom orders. We hope you like MouseShoppe, and come back again.